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Rob Samouce writes articles which are of interest to community associations, condominium associations and homeowners associations, and are published in the Naples Daily News (www.naplesnews.com)  on the first Sunday of each month.  Those articles are listed below, and can be searched by key words in the articles or by date the article appeared in the Naples Daily News.
Condominium Associations
11/03/2018 When do community rules and regulations have to be enforced?
08/04/2018 Condo boards must now get vote before material alterations begin
06/04/2018 New 2018 Legislation that affects condos, co-ops and HOAs
05/07/2018 Owners of electric vehicles in condos can now charge up at assigned parking space
03/31/2018 New association directors must sign papers or take a course
02/03/2018 Many condos want to install more storm protection after Irma. What are the options?
01/06/2018 Is your association protected from investor slum landlords?
06/03/2017 How associations can approve and pay for improvement projects
02/04/2017 Nuisance laws do not protect supersensitive people
11/06/2016 Use of security cameras in communities
08/07/2016 Older high-rise condos, co-ops must vote to opt out or install fire sprinklers
05/01/2016 Snuffing out the smokers in condominium
08/03/2014 New 2014 Legislation affecting condominium associations
07/01/2014 Paying for hurricane protection for your condominium building
05/04/2014 Hurricane protection for your condominium building
03/02/2014 Will condo members pay to fill up their neighbor's electric car?
07/07/2013 New 2013 legislation affecting condominium associations
06/02/2013 Building character can change when tenants transform into guests
05/05/2013 Check your condominium association insurance policy coverage
03/13/2013 To foreclose or not to foreclose? That is the question for many condominium associations
12/02/2012 It is time for most to approve condo association budgets for 2013
05/06/2012 Residents living in low-rise condominiums may be overpaying for county water
02/05/2012 New condominium directors must sign papers or go to class
01/01/2012 Tips on preventing water leaks in condominiums
12/04/2011 Who pays for damage from water leaks in condominiums?
11/08/2011 Suspension of rights for non-payment of assessments or violations
07/02/2011 New 2011 condominium association laws
04/30/2011 Do you really want to become a no-smoking property?
04/02/2011 New condominium directors have 90 days to sign certification papers
02/05/2011 Condo renters obtain use rights and rules of owners
11/06/2010 Bulk cable in condos isn’t just for TV anymore
07/31/2010 New 2010 condominium association laws
04/03/2010 How to avoid paying to charge up your condo neighbors’ new electric car
10/31/2009 Remember these statutory requirements in preparing 2010 condo association budget
10/03/2009 Florida Statutes provide provisions for termination of developer negotiated bulk cable contracts
08/29/2009 Are you prepared if fire sprinkler retrofitting for older high-rise condo buildings becomes a reality?
07/04/2009 Do condominium owners have to carry insurance on their units?
06/06/2009 Associations now have emergency powers in case of a hurricane
01/31/2009 Preventing water leaks in condominiums results in no damage, no damage claims
12/06/2008 Not all owners are eligible to serve on a condominium board
11/01/2008 Should or should not your condominium association fully fund reserves?
09/07/2008 Remaining 2008 legislation affecting condominium associations
07/01/2008 New 2008 legislation that will affect condominium associations - Part 2
06/01/2008 New 2008 legislation that will affect condominium associations - Part 1
05/03/2008 How to approve and pay for a condominium capital improvement
12/01/2007 Keep your condominium from seasonal transient takeover
09/01/2007 New condo laws provide for easier amendments and termination
06/01/2007 Can your Condominium make material alterations or is the look of your building stuck in past
01/07/2007 Bad people, bad dogs and bad trucks have no civil rights in a condo
12/03/2006 Condominium association self-insurance is a mirage
07/02/2006 Retrofitting required to supply emergency power to condos
03/05/2006 When renters turn into guests the condo starts looking like a hotel
01/01/2006 Fair Housing Act vs. American's With Disability Act
11/08/2005 Second hand smoke can be considered a legally actionable nuisance
05/01/2005 Buyers need to read documents before right to cancel sales contract ends
11/07/2004 In a condominium, smoke can be a pleasure to one owner and a nuisance to another
01/31/2004 Community associations can prevent 'bad people' from moving into the neighborhood
11/02/2003 Condo association must keep documents up to date
10/01/2001 Condominium owners may now be able to swap assigned parking spaces or storage lockers
07/01/2001 A condominium owner’s liability exposure when a guest slips and falls at the pool.
10/02/2000 Self-help enforcement of condominium rules and regulations can be dangerous and costly
Condos and HOAs
10/06/2018 Diamonds are not forever if there is a unilateral mistake
09/01/2018 Fiduciary responsibility does not stop after season
12/02/2017 Does your association need to levy a special assessment to pay for Irma damage?
11/04/2017 Some owners looking to blame others after Hurricane Irma
09/30/2017 Do you need a membership vote for material alterations?
09/02/2017 Must communities retrofit for handicap accommodation
08/05/2017 New legislation affecting condos, co-ops and HOAs
05/06/2017 Extra fees limited in condos; not in HOAs
04/01/2017 How to get the proxy votes needed for approval
12/31/2016 Appropriate vehicle and parking rules for your community
10/03/2016 When condos and HOAs must get competitive bids
09/03/2016 Association contracts need legal review
07/03/2016 New law accommodates service members in communities
06/05/2016 Boards who snooze over the summer may lose
03/05/2016 Should a vote be put to association owners to waive yearly financial auditing requireme
04/06/2015 County tax assessor and collector can't take away homestead exemption
02/01/2015 Duty of care owed to trespassers on community property
12/10/2014 Is it time to modernize your governing documents?
04/07/2013 Do not rely on your manager for legal advice
01/06/2013 Dealing with libel and slanderous statements from community members
11/04/2012 Association member not voting should not be counted as 'no' vote
10/07/2012 Some new association boards will use the off season to nix the old and bring in the new
09/02/2012 Preventing bad characters from moving into your condo or neighborhood
08/05/2012 Short sales to the rescue in foreclosure glut
04/01/2012 To audit or not to audit — many associations must decide every year
03/04/2012 Most association board meetings must be open to members
12/04/2011 Pictures are valuable evidence in enforcing community rules and regulations
10/02/2011 Legal action can be brought against obnoxious individuals
10/01/2011 Associations can collect the rent when owners are delinquent in their assessments
09/03/2011 Doggie DNA to catch owners who don’t scoop the poop
07/03/2011 Associations can now collect rent from tenant when owner is delinquent in assessments
06/04/2011 Common misconceptions in governance of community associations
05/01/2011 Condos and HOAs should have active contract review committees
03/05/2011 Is it time to trade in those old condo or HOA governing documents?
01/01/2011 Condo and HOA members and employees have more privacy rights
06/05/2010 Association directors can replace officers and committee members at any time
03/08/2010 Should your common area walls have eyes?
01/02/2010 Laws needed to get delinquent properties back on market
08/01/2009 Now may be a good time to do association repair and replacement projects
05/02/2009 What happens if nobody will serve on association’s board of directors?
04/04/2009 Banks contributing to the delinquency of associations
02/28/2009 Appreciate your board of directors, say thank you
01/03/2009 Unit owner collecting rent but not paying association assessments
12/03/2008 When a disruptive owner in a condominium or homeowners’ association gets way out of line
04/06/2008 Members allowed to speak at community association meetings
03/01/2008 Duties of directors vs. officers in condo associations, HOAs
02/02/2008 Duty of care owed to those on association common property
01/05/2008 How to enforce violations of rules in your community
11/03/2007 14-day notice required for some board of directors meetings
08/04/2007 New homeowner association law provides for uniform assessment collection
04/01/2007 Stop the Bleeding, I want to get out of my Condo Contract
10/01/2006 Updating governing documents can make for harmonious community living after the developer is gone
09/03/2006 Association directors protected by law for most actions
08/06/2006 New legislation benefits developers and builders at the expense of property owners
06/04/2006 Associations have rules concerning hurricane shutter deployment
05/07/2006 Family guest visits are important when you are here and when you are not
04/02/2006 You can keep the bad guys from moving into your community
12/04/2005 Storm's hazardous leftovers
10/02/2005 Self-help enforcement of condominium rules and regulations can be dangerous and costly
08/07/2005 Recorded covenants versus house rules: What's the difference?
07/03/2005 Attorney fees are a cost of doing business for community associations
06/05/2005 Updating your association's governing documents can save lots attorney's fees
03/06/2005 Do you really need a quorum for an annual meeting?
01/02/2005 Avoid problems when contracting with community association service providers
12/05/2004 Members' new rights to speak at homeowners' association meetings
09/05/2004 New laws to affect homeowners' associations beginning Oct. 1
06/06/2004 Special interest groups to benefit from legislative session
05/02/2004 Associations should maintain a reserve fund
04/04/2004 Serving on a board of directors may be hazardous to your health
03/07/2004 Court affirms separation of church and condo
12/01/2002 Owners must be warned of dangerous conditions on community property
06/01/2002 Should a new Community Association Board of Directors clean house in the summer?
05/05/2002 Community Association Owners can fly the American Flag
03/01/2002 New Board Members and Association Officers must act in the best interest of the Homeowners
08/01/2001 Community Association Directors and Officers owe a fiduciary duty to their members
Golf Communities
02/05/2006 If you live around a golf course, you assume the risk of being hit with golf balls
Homeowners Associations
03/03/2018 How to protect the look of your neighborhood
07/01/2017 New laws creating uniform estoppel certificates
08/03/2014 When do associations have to get competitive bids?
04/06/2014 Rent must be paid to the association instead of the landlord
02/02/2014 Associations can stop delinquent owners from using community amenities and collect rent
01/15/2014 Where are all the homeowners' associations in Florida?
12/01/2013 Can associations pass rules to prohibit smoking in common areas?
11/03/2013 All homeowners' associations must now register with the state
10/06/2013 2013 legislation to speed up mortgage foreclosure
09/01/2013 Additional 2013 Legislation affecting homeowners' associations
08/04/2013 New 2013 Legislation affecting homeowners' associations
07/01/2012 No more implied warranties for neighborhood improvements for homeowner association owners
06/03/2012 Members' right to speak at association meetings and request
08/06/2011 New 2011 homeowners’ association laws
09/04/2010 New 2010 homeowners’ association laws enacted
08/11/2008 New 2008 legislation affects HOAs
10/07/2007 New homeowner association laws provide for reserves, architectural control
06/30/2007 Most closed meetings banned under Florida lawclosed meetings banned under Florida law
03/01/2007 Many Condominium and Homeowner Association Directors Get No Respect
11/05/2006 Condo and home owners can fly American and military flags
09/04/2005 Build it or lose it, court rules
07/01/2004 New Laws Affecting Homeowners’ Associations Are in Effect
06/01/2001 If all the homeowners’ association directors quit, the ship may sink.
Hurricane Protection
06/30/2018 What you need to know on tree law
10/05/2008 Condo boards can take control of building hurricane protection
05/01/2007 Condominiums will probably be faced with mandatory hurricane protection
10/03/2004 Points to ponder when upgrading from plywood to hurricane shutters
07/01/2000 The skies are crying. The waters are rising. Who’s crying now?
Property Insurance
02/01/2007 The Special Legislative Insurance Session is over-Highlights of some of the new law passes that should help reign in increases
Selling Real Estate
02/06/2010 Florida Supreme Court orders new mandatory mediation for residential homestead property in foreclosure
12/05/2009 Deficiency judgment can be filed against walk away debtor
04/03/2005 Residential seller can't hide behind an 'as is' provision
02/06/2005 Creative explanation gets party out of contract
01/04/2004 Buying a used home 'as is' not the same thing as buying a used car 'as is'